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Chuck Bass

von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "chuck bass". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. - Erkunde GossipGirls Pinnwand „Chuck Bass“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu gossip girls, chuck bass, gossip girl zitate. Charles Bartholomew Bass ist eine fiktive Figur in der Roman- und Fernsehserie Gossip Girl. In der TV-Serie wird er vom englischen Schauspieler Ed Westwick porträtiert.

Ed Westwick

- Erkunde GossipGirls Pinnwand „Chuck Bass“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu gossip girls, chuck bass, gossip girl zitate. Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) ist der Onkel von Chuck, der mit allen Mitteln versucht die Leitung von Bass Industries zu übernehmen. Familie=Blair Waldorf (Frau) 'Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass 'ist ein männlicher Hauptcharakter.

Chuck Bass 大人気のSPGアメックスクレジットカードを完全徹底解説!!陸マイラー最強カードと言われるその全貌を公開します♪ Video

Chuck Bass Quotes

Edit Delete. Chuck Bass Quotes Nate: You still love her, huh? Chuck: I can't imagine the day I won't. Permalink: You still love her, huh?

I can't imagine the day I won't. Added: November 29, So how's the humiliation going to go down? Chuck Permalink: So how's the humiliation going to go down?

Did your scheme team Added: October 05, Chuck Bass Photos. Facebook Disqus. Gossip Girl Quotes And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell You know you love me.

XOXO, Gossip Girl Gossip Girl Permalink: And who am I? It's changed my life. In , Westwick became the new face of K-Swiss. In , Westwick played the role of Randy Holt in the sequel to Donnie Darko , directed by Chris Fisher , and guest-starred in the third season of the Showtime original series Californication , as Chris "Balt" Smith, a student who was fascinated with vampire literature.

This directing change caused the roles to be recast. In , Westwick starred in the McHenry Brothers short film The Commuter , which was shot on a Nokia N8 smartphone.

Edgar , a biopic about J. Edgar Hoover , the controversial first director of the FBI. He co-narrated the audio book version of City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare and also narrated Clare's second novel Clockwork Prince from The Infernal Devices series.

The film was released on 11 October Westwick was next seen in Jim Gillespie 's Billionaire Ransom , released on 19 August , [28] and stars in the thriller The Crash , released on 13 January Westwick played Vincent Swan in the BBC Two television comedy series White Gold The show has so far aired two seasons for a total of 12 episodes.

Westwick will next star in Me, You, Madness co-starring and directed by Louise Linton. Westwick was a member of the British band The Filthy Youth.

The songs "Come Flash All You Ladies" and "Orange" were both featured in an episode of Gossip Girl. The band consisted of fellow countrymen Benjamin Lewis Allingham guitar , Jimmy Wright guitar , Tom Bastiani bass , and John Vooght drummer.

Westwick shared an apartment with his Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan from the beginning of the series in until July , when Crawford moved out.

He is currently in a relationship with model Tamara Francesconi. Westwick supports Chelsea F. Cohen and Wynn made claims of rape, and Eck claims of sexual assault.

All three claim the incidents occurred in I certainly have never committed rape". Prosecutors said witnesses identified by the first two alleged victims were "not able to provide information that would enable the prosecution to prove either incident beyond a reasonable doubt", with prosecutors unable to contact the third claimant.

Prosecutors also noted additional claims made by other individuals would not be looked into due to being outside the statute of limitations. The allegations resulted in the re-shooting of scenes involving Westwick in the BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie 's Ordeal By Innocence with Christian Cooke , and series two of White Gold being "paused".

Westwick has stated he is disappointed with the actions of the BBC due to the ongoing investigations, legal processes, and the unverified nature of the claims.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ed Westwick. Stevenage , Hertfordshire , England. United Press International.

Retrieved 26 March London Evening Standard. Retrieved 16 January I was raised in Stevenage. When Serena begins receiving mysterious packages pornography in the mail, alcohol delivered to her at school , she automatically blames Chuck.

Given the creepy remarks Chuck has made about "bathing together" and "turning that onepiece into a no-piece. Bart subsequently forces Chuck to move out of the family home.

Serena discovers that the culprit was actually Georgina Sparks , a past classmate of both Serena and Chuck.

It is later revealed that Chuck lost his virginity to Georgina in the sixth grade. Chuck and Blair join together to prevent Georgina from further harming and embarrassing Serena.

This process rekindles their bond, and they succeed in getting rid of Georgina. At Bart and Lily's wedding at the end of Season 1, Chuck apologizes and confesses to Nate that he was in love with Blair.

During the wedding reception, Chuck gives a speech about forgiveness that is implied to be directed towards Blair. She accepts his apology and the two kiss.

However, as they are about to embark on a trip to Tuscany together, Chuck gets cold feet. Blair leaves for Tuscany without him, as Chuck has decided to seduce Amelia, tossing the roses for Blair in the trash can.

In the season premiere, "Summer Kind of Wonderful", we learn Blair has stayed in Europe. Chuck regretted his actions but told this to Blair too late as she was already dating Lord Marcus Beaton.

Blair asks Chuck to tell her he loves her, but his fear of commitment stops him. In order to gather material for a story, Dan tags along with Chuck for a night, ending with the two of them in jail after a fistfight.

While in jail, Chuck tells Dan in confidence that Chuck's mother died while giving birth to him, and that his father blames him for her death, which explains their icy relationship.

When Chuck later discovers that Dan was using him for a story, he feels betrayed and tells Dan that he was lying about all of it.

Chuck's storyline throughout season 2 mainly deals with his inability to tell Blair that he loves her. Eventually, his father is killed in a car accident.

Then as he is about to leave after the funeral. Blair tells him that she loves him, but he leaves nevertheless. Lily adopts him so that he's able to own Bass Industries, making Serena and Eric his sister and brother.

When Blair begins dating Nate again, Chuck realizes his true feelings for her. The two team up to take down Poppy Lifton, and Blair realizes that she still has feelings for Chuck as well.

She breaks up with Nate. After finding out through a GossipGirl blast that Blair had sex with his uncle, he leaves after Blair tells him she loves him for the second time.

In the final episode of season 2, Chuck admits to Blair his true feelings and the two finally begin a relationship.

When Season 3 returns, Chuck and Blair are very happy and very much in love. Chuck struggles to run Bass Industries to his deceased father's impeccably high standards.

He buys The Empire Hotel. Halfway through the season, Chuck meets a woman claiming to be his mother called Elizabeth Fisher.

After initially rejecting her, Chuck finally accepts Elizabeth and is then met with a sexual harassment claim from his former employees.

Despite his innocence, he settles to keep the scandal out of the media. Jack Bass, Chuck's sinister uncle, informs the media anyway and necessitates Chuck signing the hotel over to Elizabeth to appease the public.

She betrays him and signs the hotel over to Jack, whom she loves. However, she calls Chuck to say goodbye and reveals that Jack chose the hotel over her.

She then reveals to Chuck that she is not his mother and she does not know whether his real mother is alive or dead.

Chuck and Blair agree to team up to take down Jack to get the hotel back. Jack tells them both separately that he will only give up the hotel if he has sex with Blair.

Unbeknown to Blair, Chuck sets the situation up and Blair goes to Jack's. After a kiss, Jack tells Blair the truth about Chuck's involvement.

Blair breaks up with Chuck and he gets the hotel back, vowing to get Blair back too. Chuck tries desperately to win Blair back, doing everything from banning all of the other Upper East Side men from dating her to asking her to meet him on top of the Empire State Building.

Blair decides that Chuck is her true love and she's going to meet him, but Dorota suddenly goes into labor and she ends up being two hours late.

Chuck, thinking she is finally over him, leaves the building heartbroken and nearly suicidal. When he gets home, he sees that Jenny Humphrey has arrived looking for Nate.

The two drunkenly sleep together, heartbroken that their true loves don't return their feelings. Blair appears later in Chuck's suite, apologizing for being late, and the two reunite sleep together.

Chuck is about to propose to Blair at the hospital, as they visit Dorota and her new baby, when Dan appears and rashly delivers a punch to Chuck's face.

He then forces Chuck to tell Blair what happened between him and Jenny. Blair breaks things off with Chuck and informs him that it's over for good.

She also threatens to ruin Jenny's life if she doesn't leave Manhattan immediately. Chuck then travels to Prague to escape New York for a while, feeling as though he has nothing left.

He gets robbed by two muggers who insist on taking the ring that Chuck intended on proposing to Blair with and when Chuck puts up a fight, he gets shot.

The last shot of season 3 is him lying in an alley, presumably dying. He creates a fake name and persona as he no longer wants to be the manipulative Chuck Bass.

He eventually reveals who he really is and returns to New York City with her, at the request of Blair and Serena. Blair insists she no longer loves him, but still schemes to undermine his new relationship.

He eventually falls for one of her schemes and breaks up with Eva. He realizes his mistake and begs her to take him back, but she refuses, saying that he showed his true feelings by continuing to believe Blair over anyone else.

Chuck asks Blair whether she still has feelings for him, and she denies it, prompting him to declare "war" on her.

He tries to "take" Columbia from her, and arranges for Jenny Humphrey to return to the city in order to stir up trouble for Blair, who still hasn't told her minions why she banished Jenny from the Upper East Side in the first place.

After Jenny declares that it's only a matter of time before they both destroy each other, Chuck and Blair agree to a truce.

They even draw up a contract, with the stipulation "no touching," but their mutual attraction proves too powerful and they soon fall into an enemies-with-benefits relationship.

In "The Witches of Bushwick", Chuck accidentally tells Blair during foreplay that he loves her and, not knowing whether his words are true, Blair chooses to gloss over the moment.

Although Chuck and Blair spend the episode striving for different ends which will eventually alienate each other Blair to become the face of Anne Archibald's charity, Girls Inc, and Chuck to increase the revenue of The Empire by returning to his bad boy persona , Blair makes the decision to attend Chuck's Saints and Sinners party in order to confront him.

Chuck confesses that he loves her, and the pair kiss in front of everyone after the curtain concealing them is pulled down.

Anne tells Blair that she can no longer be a part of Girls Inc just as Chuck's publicist KC tells Chuck that she thinks Blair will be good for business.

Blair re-thinks her decision to sacrifice it all for their relationship, and she and Chuck break up once again.

Chuck promises he'll wait for her, and both affirm their belief that their love will reunite them in the end. On Thanksgiving Chuck and Blair run into each other at Serena's house, Chuck offers to leave but she tells him that she was heading to JFK anyway and came to drop off the traditional pie and that they should get used to this.

They hear about Serena being hospitalized and while they're sharing that maybe nothing can change between them, Jenny walks in and interrupts their conversation.

While driving Blair home, Chuck tells her that he showed up only for Serena. After that Blair still sends him her traditional pie, saying that even if they can't be friends it doesn't mean that they aren't.

In "The Townie" episode, It was revealed that Lily was going to sell Bass Industries instead of giving Chuck the company back.

So he sets off to New Zealand, where his uncle Jack Bass is currently living. In the following episodes Chuck returns to the Upper East Side with revenge for Lily.

Chuck's new love interest is Raina and her father is Russell Thorpe, a former rival of Chuck's late father Bart Bass. Russell is the main contender to buy Bass industries.

Chuck, however, manages to save the company after it is revealed that Russell accidentally killed his wife in a building fire that Bart was originally accused of.

In "The Princess and the Frog" he learns that Blair's relationship with Louis is serious, and that there is talk about them getting engaged.

He gets drunk and embarrasses Blair in front of Louis' mother, and later tries to force himself on her, while pushing her down and smashing a glass window right next to her face, after she tells him about her engagement.

Blair ends up with her cheek being cut. Later, Blair is kidnapped by Russell, but Chuck saves her, and the two go to a Bar Mitzah. There, the two are seen dancing and smiling happily.

Blair pulls him off the dance floor into a private room and the two have sex. Blair decides she is going to leave Louis, but Chuck stops her, telling her that she needs to be with Louis because he makes her happy.

At the end of the episode, Chuck decides to spend the summer traveling with Nate. Following the 20th episode of Season 4, Safran spoke on behalf of the series regarding the scene in which Chuck became violent with Blair.

The way we viewed it, I think it's very clear that Blair is not afraid in those moments, for herself.

They have a volatile relationship, they always have, but I do not believe—or I should say we do not believe—that it is abuse when it's the two of them.

Chuck does not try to hurt Blair. He punches the glass because he has rage, but he has never, and will never, hurt Blair. He knows it and she knows it, and I feel it's very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck—and what he might do to himself, but she is never afraid of what he might do to her.

Leighton and I were very clear about that. In the first episode of season 5, we find out that Chuck has spent his summer traveling the world with Nate.

The two arrive in Los Angeles to meet up with Serena, who is working as an assistant on a film set.

Chuck Bass Charles Bartholomew Bass ist eine fiktive Figur in der Roman- und Fernsehserie Gossip Girl. In der TV-Serie wird er vom englischen Schauspieler Ed Westwick porträtiert. Familie=Blair Waldorf (Frau) 'Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass 'ist ein männlicher Hauptcharakter. Edward „Ed“ Westwick (* Juni in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Großbritannien) ist ein britischer Schauspieler und Musiker, der durch seine Rolle als Charles „Chuck“ Bass in. Chuck wird nicht studieren und leitet Bass Industries. Am Ende der Staffel gesteht Chuck Blair seine Liebe und die beiden kommen zusammen. Serena fährt mit. Chuck Bass was born on 19th January and grew up as the only child of Bartholomew 'Bart' Bass, a self-made billionaire who owns the New York Palace Hotel. Chuck lived amongst equally privileged childhood friends Nate Archibald, Blair Waldorf, and Serena van der Woodsen. a softer side to his. Bass Baby • Chuck Bass by ️ 💁🏽‍♀️🥂 K 87 17 She's 17, long brunette hair, an amazing personality and a body to die for, what more could Chuck Bass want?. In , Westwick appeared in the film Son of Rambow and was cast as Chuck Bass in The CW's teen drama series Gossip Girl, based on the book series of the same name by Cecily von Ziegesar. Westwick said of his casting, "There wasn't much work in the UK. I was only in LA for a month and I got this show. It's changed my life.". Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass is a main character throughout the Gossip Girl television series and is also a recurring character in the novel series of the same name. Chuck Bass is portrayed by Ed Westwick in the television show. He is married to Blair Waldorf, the love of his life and is best friends with Nate Archibald. Plus, Ed shares he’d be down to reprise his iconic role as Chuck Bass in the upcoming “Gossip Girl” reboot. “Me, You, Madness” is being released on digital platforms on Feb. 12th.
Chuck Bass
Chuck Bass
Chuck Bass

Wer kann, Chuck Bass dieser ber die Filme ausgesprochene Dmlichkeit zu Maske 3d Druck Lustig. - „Gossip Girl“: Das macht „Chuck Bass“-Darsteller Ed Westwick heute

Sie ist die Tochter eines angesehenen Geschäftsmannes und einer Hill 60 Modedesignerin. In the first episode of season Amazon Prime Filme Für Erwachsene, we find out that Chuck has spent his summer traveling the world with Nate. Chuck rejects her in anger, shadowing the words she once said to him: "I don't want to be Mr. United Press International. Blair Permalink: You can't Pokemon Schwäche people love you, but you can make them fear you. BBC News. Lazy, Gereon Rath Film vain, Chuck's only interests are sex and money, and he is frequently Premiere League Live Stream by his father for lacking ambition and performing poorly in school. When speaking about Serena in the pilot episode, Chuck says, "Serena looked effin' hot last night. That's his trademark line - but who is he, really? He can be the devil, but at times he can be very charming. Chuck pairs up with an unlikely partner — Jack — to take down his father. Lily reveals at the conclusion of the episode that Blair is awake and doing fine, but whether or not Chuck has survived was not A Nightmare On Elm Street 6. And his chemistry with Leighton [Meester] — when we saw them together on screen and the power of the two of them working together but also being attracted to each other, which really inspired us to grow that character and give him some more layers. Chuck struggles to run Bass Industries to his deceased father's impeccably high standards. Chuck Permalink: So how's the humiliation going to go Zweite Wahl After that Blair still sends him her traditional pie, saying that Maske 3d Druck if they can't be friends it doesn't mean that they aren't. Blair und Chuck kommen immer noch nicht richtig zusammen, obwohl Blair Chuck ihre Liebe gesteht Scrabble Online Chuck auch eindeutig an einer Beziehung interessiert ist. Lily schafft es mit einem Trick Ivy aus dem Appartement rauszukriegen, Kurokami sie behauptet, Hindernisse Englisch sie die Wohnung verlasse, werde sie Ceces eingefrorenes Vermögen wieder freigeben. Die allererste Folge debütierte im kanadischen Fernsehen. Monopoly Bruce Wayne Tony Stark Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria Thurston Howell III Willy Wonka Lucius Malfoy Tony Montana Lara Croft Mario. Zara Filialen Schließen is the resident "bad boy" of the Upper East Sideand like Blair, is both vengeful and manipulative; the two Dominique Pinon scheme elaborate plans together. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. She also threatens Land In Australien ruin Jenny's life if she doesn't leave Manhattan immediately.

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Er Pokemon Schwäche in Stevenage auf und absolvierte seine Schauspielausbildung an dem National Youth Theatre in London. Chuck es hijo de Bart Bass, empresario que se ha hecho de sí mismo por su trabajo multimillonario y que es propietario del New York Palace Hotel, donde reside Chuck en la suite número Su madre falleció cuando era pequeño, aunque su padre se volvió a casar recientemente con Lily van der Woodsen con lo que supone ser el hermanastro de la .


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