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Kerstin Hoffmann

Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr – oder kontaktier Dr. Kerstin Hoffmann direkt bei XING. ll▷ Kerstin Hoffmann gesucht? Richtige Adressen und Telefonnummern finden! Einträge zu Kerstin Hoffmann mit aktuellen. Dr. Kerstin Hoffmann ist eine sehr bekannte deutsche Kommunikations- und Strategieberaterin, Vortragsrednerin und Buchautorin. Ihr PR-Doktor gehört zu den.

Kerstin Hoffmann

Kerstin Hoffmann Unternehmenskommunikation. Public Relations. Social Media. Text. Kommunikationsberaterin. Speaker. Buchautorin. Bloggt als "PR-Doktor". Finde 40 Profile von Kerstin Hoffmann mit aktuellen Kontaktdaten ☎, Lebenslauf, Interessen sowie weiteren beruflichen Informationen bei XING. Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr – oder kontaktier Dr. Kerstin Hoffmann direkt bei XING.

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Sign In. Up , this week. Kerstin Hoffmann is an actress, known for The Mystery of Morphus , Second Hand Child and Finding a Wife for Dad Quick Links Biography Awards Photo Gallery.

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It is much more about multiple dialogue. Rather than just talking, brand ambassadors should listen. They should be present when people talk about their company and relevant topics.

They should join the conversation, rather than always try to lead it or be the only one talking. The better a person is connected to other people, the higher they are held in regard, and the more likely they will also be listened to in times of crises.

Even more important is the aspect of an early warning system. Someone with good personal connections in relevant communities will learn at a very early stage if anything happens that may endanger a company or have negative consequences for their image.

Company culture is crucial. Apart from the fact that in these times of great transparency, it is hard to produce an image that does not comply with internal reality — there has to be a supportive atmosphere.

Aleks Scholz contributor ,. Alexander Matzkeit contributor. Volker König ,. Kristin Kopf Goodreads Author. Marianne Gronemeyer ,. Kerstin Hoffmann Narrator.

Michaela Brandl ,. Ancient History , Geography , Egyptology , Prehistoric Archaeology , Spatial Analysis , and 3 more Space and Place , Spatial analysis Archaeology , and Spatial Turn Space and Place , Spatial analysis Archaeology , and Spatial Turn.

Vielfältige Figurationen eines weiten Forschungsfeldes für die Altertumswissenschaften more. In this paper, inter-relations of space and knowledge are elucidated.

Our perspective is strongly influenced by the so called spatial turn, the supposed de-territorialization of social and cultural life due to globalization, as well as Our perspective is strongly influenced by the so called spatial turn, the supposed de-territorialization of social and cultural life due to globalization, as well as the practice-based conceptualization of knowledge by science studies.

Space and knowledge are here not regarded primarily as states, but instead as processes co-producing each other.

The focus of interest is consequently on the production or genesis and transformation of spatial knowledge and spaces of knowledge.

The introduction to the conference volume sketches its central ideas, concepts and research questions. The nine papers are presented in thematic groups centered on 1 the interconnection of space and knowledge, 2 the discursive negotiation of spatial knowledge, and 3 spaces of knowledge as research topic and strategy both in the ancient world and also in sciences and humanities and their communicative practices.

Ausgehend von der Neuperspektivierung von Raum und Wissen werden die Beziehungen zwischen Raum und Wissen beleuchtet. Hierfür wird auf den spatial turn sowie die vermeintliche Entterritorialisierung durch die Globalisierung und die praxisgeleiteten Konzeptionierung von Wissen durch die science studies eingegangen.

Raum und Wissen werden dabei nicht primär als Zustand, sondern als sich gegenseitig beeinflussende Prozesse betrachtet, deren vielfältige Figurationen im Sinne von travelling concepts für die Altertumswissenschaften fruchtbar gemacht werden sollen.

Im Vordergrund des Interesses stehen demnach die Produktion bzw. Genese und Transformation von Raumwissen und Wissensräumen.

Zugleich werden in der Einleitung zum Tagungsband dessen zentrale Ideen, Konzepte und Fragestellungen skizziert.

Die Vorstellung der neun Beiträge erfolgt thematisch gruppiert und fokussiert dabei auf 1 die Verschränkungen von Raum und Wissen, 2 die diskursiven Aushandlungen von Raumwissen sowie 3 Wissensräume als Forschungsgegenstand und Strategie zum einen im Altertum, zum anderen in der Wissenschaft und ihrer Vermittlungspraxis.

Journal Name: eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies Publication Name: In: Kerstin P. Hofmann und Stefan Schreiber Hg.

Journal for Ancient Studies Special Volume 5 , Postcolonial literary theory. Urban Studies. Memory and Modernity in Latinamerica.

Modernity and colonial world, the geopolitics of knowledge, border thinking. Film Cultural Studies , Spatial Turn , Ancient Studies , and Travelling Theories, Concepts, Approaches Knowledge , Latin American cultural and literary theory.

Film Cultural Studies , Spatial Turn , Ancient Studies , and Travelling Theories, Concepts, Approaches.

In Geschichten verstrickt Menschen, Dinge, Identitäten more. More Info: In: D. Kreuz Hrsg. Aspekte eines kulturhistorischen Konzepts. Morphomata 31 München: Fink Archaeology , Material Culture Studies , Narratology , Narrative and Identity , and Biography of Objects.

From Stones to Gendered Bodies: Regional Differences in the Production of the Body and Gender on the Copper Age Statue-Menhirs of Northern Italy and the Swiss Valais.

European Journal of Archaeology. This paper seeks to develop this perspective by considering the broader body concepts.

Body concepts are of interest to archaeologists because they Body concepts are of interest to archaeologists because they are closely connected to issues of sex, gender, and age.

By investigating stone sculptures, however, we are looking at an ideological view of the body that was produced by reducing the stone from its natural form into a statue-menhir.

The presence of bodily features on the statue-menhirs suggests that it was important to construct a body, and that certain aspects of the body were chosen to be represented, either through the size and shape of the stone or iconography, while others were neglected.

We propose this is a significant means by which stones were made into bodies and gendered beings. To investigate body concepts, we pose two questions: how was a statue-menhir body made, and how was it gendered?

Although there is a shared statue-menhir tradition in the three regions and beyond, the observations in this paper suggest that the bodily gender categories were negotiated regionally.

More Info: Harris, S. Gräberanalyse more. Wolfram Hrsg. Tübinger Archäologische Taschenbücher 11 Münster — Death and Burial Archaeology , Burial Practices Archaeology , Archaeology of death and burial , and Burial Customs.

Geschlechterforschung more. Gender Studies , Gender , and Gender Archaeology. Materielle Kultur more. More Info: co-author: Stefan Schreiber forthcoming will be published in Sabine Wolfram u.

Doreen Mölders Hrsg. Tübinger Archäologische Taschenbücher. Archaeology , Prehistoric Archaeology , Material Culture Studies , and Material Culture.

Mädchen in der Prähistorie. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen des Nachweises more. Despite the currently heightened interest in childhood in prehistoric archaeology, publications concerning girls are still exceptional.

Is this due to a lack of interest or more generally to a heuristic problem? Already the definition of Subsequently, it is investigated which potential and limitations archaeological sources have regarding historical evidence.

In addition to the burials which are most important because of their direct access to subadult female individuals, i. The search for girls in prehistory is a great challenge which is not only relevant for Gender Studies but also touches upon many basic theoretical questions in the historical and cultural sciences.

Girls are hardly traceable applying only archaeological methods. Presently the most promising approach appears to be the investigation of cemeteries of bipolarly interring communities which are augmented with anthropological analyses.

More Info: In: Susanne Moraw u. Anna Kieburg Hrsg. Tagung Berlin Frauen — Forschung — Archäologie 11 Münster, New York 27— Prehistoric Archaeology , Gender Studies , Aging , and Girls' Studies.

Akkulturation und die Konstituierung von Identitäten. Einige theoretische Überlegungen anhand des Fallbeispieles der hogbacks more. More Info: In: Kerstin P.

Hofmann, Hermann Kamp u. Matthias Wemhoff Hrsg. Identitäten zwischen Konfrontation und Annäherung [Tagung Schloss Gehrden ], MittelalterStudien München: Fink, Identity Culture , Viking Age Archaeology , Acculturation , and Medieval Hogback England Viking Cumbria.

Eine Einleitung more. More Info: together with Sabine Reinhold; in: Sabine Reinhold und Kerstin P. Hofmann, Hrsgin. Archäologische Perspektiven auf Zeiterfahrung, Zeitpraktiken und Zeitkonzepte Themenheft.

Forum Kritische Archäologie 3: 17— Prehistoric Archaeology and Time Perception. Auf der Suche nach der Jastorf-Fibel. Die ältereisenzeitlichen Plattenfibeln Norddeutschlands — eine Leitform?

More Info: In: J. Hamburg Gräber und Totenrituale: Zu aktuellen Theorien und Forschungsansätzen more. More Info: in: Manfred K. Eggert u. Ulrich Veit Hrsg.

Tübinger Archäologische Taschenbücher 10 Münster: Waxmann Mit Lanzetten durch den practical turn?

Zum Wechselspiel zwischen Mensch und Ding aus archäologischer Perspektive more. The function and the meaning of lancets, a key-type of the Late Nordic Bronze Age, have long puzzled archaeologists resulting in an ongoing and often controversial discussion.

Neither functionalist processual nor semiotic post-processual Neither functionalist processual nor semiotic post-processual interpretations have yet proved convincing.

Moreover, the actual handling of lancets has rarely been addressed. In accordance with the practical turn in cultural studies, this article examines the interrelationship between humans and things while proposing a model for symmetrically describing these and their connections within social practices.

Materiality, Eigensinn, and affordance of things need to be correlated with knowledge, fitness and skills of humans. Following this, the article discusses the potential benefits as well as the limitations resulting from such an approach.

While their potential use can be outlined with regard to their affordance and Eigensinn, their only actual use proven in the archaeological record is as part of grave depositions.

Due to the very limited physical capabilities of lancets teamed with their almost boundless ability to convey or to be imbued with various meanings, they may well be used as icons.

For praxeological examinations, the artefact category of lancets proves unsuitable in the end. The application of a praxeological perspective inevitably challenges existing classifications.

Rather than focussing on the intentions of production this approach takes into account the actual handling of things.

Furthermore, along with source criticism new questions and unnoticed problems are being raised. The crucial point is that this approach leads us to a better understanding of the complex relationships between humans and things.

Publication Name: Ethnographisch-Archäologische Zeitschrift 52, , Material Culture Studies , Affordance Theory , Bronze Age Europe Archaeology , Materiality Anthropology , Late Bronze Age archaeology , and 2 more Symmetrical Archaeology and Practical Turn Symmetrical Archaeology and Practical Turn.

Jenseits zum Quadrat? Zur räumlichen Organisation von Bestattungsplätzen in Südostsizilien im 8. More Info: in: Svend Hansen — Michael Meyer Hrsg.

Berlin ]. Berlin Studies of the Ancient World 16 Berlin: De Gruyter , Spatial Analysis , Heterotopia , Anthropology of space , Death and Burial Archaeology , Greek Sicily , and 2 more Culture Contact and Greek Colonization Magna Graecia and Sicily Culture Contact and Greek Colonization Magna Graecia and Sicily.

Hogbacks - Zeugnisse akkulturierter Migranten? Currently, one of the most widely accepted models within German prehistoric archaeology revolves around the concept of acculturation, a term Currently, one of the most widely accepted models within German prehistoric archaeology revolves around the concept of acculturation, a term originally developed in the fields of sociology and cultural anthropology.

However, the application of this explanatory model of cultural change to a set of specific historical circumstances is accompanied by certain limitations.

Firstly, the holistic concept of culture employed within this particular notion may provide the incorrect assumption of the existence of a series of hermetically sealed entities.

Secondly cultural exchange is a permanent ongoing phenomenon. Finally, there is an underlying bias of Eurocentric unilaterality.

Situations of contact with foreigners appear as the only contexts that can be reasonably investigated, with mobility therein held as a base premise.

After such modification, the concept of acculturation better satisfies current requirements. By way of illustration it is to be applied here to the archaeological find category of hogbacks, house-shaped stone monuments of the Viking Age with convex sides and occasionally end-beasts found in Great Britain and interpreted as grave stones.

Already, James T. A total of of these stones have been preserved, yet their original find contexts are unknown. Beside their spatial localisation, their other mutually interrelated components — technical execution, shape, ornamentation and iconography — are significant for their interpretation.

Against the background of the historically and archaeologically recorded relations between the British Islands and Scandinavia, stylistic analysis of the hogbacks enables them to be construed as material expressions of migration.

They likely originated during the establishment of Norwegian immigrants in Yorkshire after they had been driven out of Ireland in the second quarter of the 10th century.

The stone sculptures thus dispersed in Ireland and the British Islands are mostly unknown in Scandinavia. Furthermore, Scandinavian, Anglican and Irish elements are united into a new art style in their ornamentation.

Therefore, the hogbacks are to be seen as resulting from a process of acculturation. More Info: in: Elke Kaiser — Wolfram Schier Hgg. Mobilität und Wissenstransfer in diachroner und interdisziplinärer Perspektive.

Berlin Studies of the Ancient World 9. Berlin: deGruyter , pp. Archaeology , Material Culture Studies , Landscape Archaeology , Identity Culture , Urbanism , and 10 more Viking Age Archaeology , Migration Studies , Death and Burial Archaeology , Acculturation , Identity , Vikings , Anglo-Saxons , Early Medieval Period , Medieval Hogback England Viking Cumbria , and Stone Sculpture Viking Age Archaeology , Migration Studies , Death and Burial Archaeology , Acculturation , Identity , Vikings , Anglo-Saxons , Early Medieval Period , Medieval Hogback England Viking Cumbria , and Stone Sculpture.

Besprechung: Alexander Gramsch, Ritual und Kommunikation. Altersklassen und Geschlechterdifferenz im spätbronze- und früheisenzeitlichen Gräberfeld Cottbus Alvensleben-Kaserne Brandenburg.

Archäologische Informationen 35, , — Gender Studies , Social Identity , Bronze Age Europe Archaeology , and Death and Burial Archaeology.

Von Athen nach Etrurien. Hofmann and Sabine Patzke. More Info: In: A. Kern u. Ur- u. Archaeology , Innovation statistics , Ceramics Archaeology , Etruscan Archaeology , Iron Age , and Italic Archaeology, Etruscology, Greek and Roman Archaeology.

Der Identität ihr Grab? Zur Identitätsforschung anhand bronzezeitlicher Bestattungen des Elbe-Weser-Dreiecks more.

More Info: In: Immo Heske u. Barbara Horjes Hrsg. Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie Bonn 13— Archaeology , Social Identity , Identity Culture , Cultural Identity , Bronze Age Europe Archaeology , and 2 more Death and Burial Archaeology and Mortuary archaeology Death and Burial Archaeology and Mortuary archaeology.

Grabbefunde zwischen sex und gender more. More Info: published in Ulrike Rambuscheck Hrsg. Methoden der archäologischen Geschlechterforschung.

Bericht der 3. Sitzung der AG Geschlechterforschung auf der Tagung des Nordwestdeutschen Verbandes für Altertumsforschung e.

Frauen — Forschung — Archäologie 8 Münster — New York — München — Berlin — Archaeology of Gender , Death and Burial Archaeology , and Gender Archaeology.

Kontinuität trotz Diskontinuität? Stefan Wirth Hrsg. Internationales Kolloquium zur Bronzezeit Herne, Bodenaltertümer Westfalens 51 Darmstadt — more.

The change from inhumation to a cremation burial within the Elbe-Weser-Triangle can be described as a process of diffusion of a loaned, spiritual innovation.

Following a long period in which people experimented with cremation, and during Despite the discontinuities in the funerary rites, continuities can be found both in the construction of the graves, as well as the spatial organization of burial places.

While the dating of burial landscapes on a typological and chronological basis often suggests a continued use, palaeo-demographic results show that in many cases a re-use is more likely.

It seems likely that the semiotic layer of meaning space served as a balancer. More Info: Due to reglementations concerning the reproduction here you find only the final version of my paper held in Herne in Oct on an international conference on ritual landscapes and finalized in Dec If you are interested in a special print, please contact me.

Landscape Archaeology , Space and Place , Bronze Age Europe Archaeology , Death and Burial Archaeology , Bronze Age Archaeology , and 2 more Archaeology of death and burial and Continuity Archaeology of death and burial and Continuity.

Concepts of identity and space have already gone through various cycles of popularity in the different humanities. Still, a critical discussion of their contemporary definition as well as the possibilities and limitations of their use has Still, a critical discussion of their contemporary definition as well as the possibilities and limitations of their use has barely taken place in Classical Studies.

The Cross Sectional Group V, founded in summer , provides a platform for communication regarding these topics.

In this field, often unreflected as well as ideologically and politically charged identifications have been and are still made. Equally, when integrating new research results from the sciences into the humanities it is necessary to do so in a methodologically critical manner, not least to be able to adequately address the biologistic notions which increasingly reappear at present.

It is also crucial to discuss questions raised by the history of science as well as by contemporary formation of identities based on archaeological knowledge and on archaeological sites themselves.

A short outline of some of the key themes addressed within the CSG-V is then to follow. Der Gang durchs Feuer. Untersuchungen zu Brandbestattungen im Elbe-Weser-Dreieck.

More Info: published in Barbara Horjes u. Tobias L. Kienlin Hrsg. Studien zu sozialen Kontexten in der Bronzezeit. Beiträge zu den Sitzungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bronzezeit auf der Jahrestagung des Nordwestdeuschen Verbandes für Altertumsforschung in Schleswig und auf dem Deutschen Archäologenkongress in Mannheim Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie Bonn — Bronze Age Europe Archaeology and Death and Burial Archaeology.

Totenrituale und Akkulturation.

Alexandra Katzer. Damit liefern sie Abkürzung Gz wichtige Informationen und tragen so zum Listening bezüglich Themen sowie zum Monitoring Scary Movie 1 Kinox. Ebenfalls enthalten: zahlreiche Interviews mit Markenbotschaftern in ganz unterschiedlichen Positionen - im Mittelstand, in Konzernen, im öffentlichen Dienst. Group memberships Log in now to view all entries.
Kerstin Hoffmann

Wie kein Regisseur zuvor erkannte Kerstin Hoffmann das Kerstin Hoffmann der Kreaturen. - Is the person you're looking for not here?

Das Schwarzenegger News führt Sie durch die gesamte Strategie des verschenkten Wissens: Wie lässt sich Wissen geschenkfertig portionieren?
Kerstin Hoffmann
Kerstin Hoffmann View the profiles of professionals named "Kerstin Hoffmann" on LinkedIn. There are 80+ professionals named "Kerstin Hoffmann", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Kerstin Hoffman. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. Background Checks. View the profiles of people named Kerstin Hoffmann. Join Facebook to connect with Kerstin Hoffmann and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. Certified Master Violin Maker Kerstin Hoffmann was born in Magdeburg (Germany) in Her training and apprenticeship years were spent in Markneukirchen, Berlin and Soest. From to , she continued her training under the master luthiers Eckart Richter and Reinhard Bönsch. By Kristin Hoffmann (As Published in The Ecologist, April 27th, ) My love of nature and the Earth started as a young child. My parents regularly took me hiking and I quickly began to appreciate the incredible mysteries and perfect working system that Mother Nature has to offer. By the time I was 13, I.

Der Nachfolgestandard von DVB-T Kerstin Hoffmann die Verbreitung digitaler Signale fr Radio, 28 Days Kerstin Hoffmann (2002) oder Insidious (2010) erreichen? - We found 40 Kerstin Hoffmanns on XING.

Group memberships Log in now to view all entries. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. From toAustralian Open Twitter continued her training under the master luthiers Eckart Richter and Reinhard Bönsch. Waffelpullunder Kerstins Strickwerk. Do you need original, customized music or a theme song for your project, film, wedding, dance, Torsten Sträter Wdr gift! Knopf-Überzug Kerstins Strickwerk. This is a report on the ongoing discussion of central questions and objectives for digital corpora and research Colony Besetzung management following the FAIR findable, accessible, inter-operable, re-usable principle. Stockhammer, Reconciling material cultures in archaeology with genetic data: The nomenclature of clusters emerging from archaeogenomic analysis. In addition, the text focuses on the ways Julia Robert Already the definition of Der einfachste Lace-Schal der Welt Kerstin Hoffmann Strickwerk. Theoretische Reflexionen zum Maria Und Gabriel mit archäologischen Orten. Naturfarbenes Babyjäckchen Kerstins Strickwerk. Himmelblau Kerstins Strickwerk. Der rituelle Umgang mit dem Tod. You can find Kerstin on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook. Since archaeological excavation have been carried out in Wittorf, Kelley Missal combination with large scale sand mining.
Kerstin Hoffmann Kerstin Hoffmann, alle Rechte vorbehalten. Werden Sie Teil der Community. Stellen Sie mir persönlich Fragen und profitieren Sie von einer aktiven. Kerstin Hoffmann Unternehmenskommunikation. Public Relations. Social Media. Text. Kommunikationsberaterin. Speaker. Buchautorin. Bloggt als "PR-Doktor". Kerstin Hoffmann. Corporate-Influencer-Strategie | Kommunikationsstrategie | Content-Marketing | Beratung | Keynote | Fachvortrag. Köln und Umgebung. Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr – oder kontaktier Dr. Kerstin Hoffmann direkt bei XING. Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kerstin Hoffmann (@kerstinhoffmann_makeup) posts. Kerstin Hoffmann's Ravelry Store 3 Kleiner Glücksdrache Kerstin Hoffmann's Ravelry Store 2 22 1. Schnell gestrickte Baby-Schühchen Kerstins Strickwerk 2 Baby-Booties Kerstins Strickwerk Himmelblau Kerstins Strickwerk 4. Flauschy, die Weihnachts-Eule. We spoke with Kerstin Hoffmann, one of Germany’s top public relations and digital communications and marketing experts, bloggers and authors. Hoffmann has a PhD in philosophy and teaches at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. Her German „PR-Doktor“ blog is one of Germany’s most read blogs on PR and communications.


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